Helicon Translator for Delphi

Helicon Translator makes it easy to internationalize and localize applications written in Borland Delphi. This allows to create true multilingual applications for the global market.

  • Internationalization and Localization of Delphi/VCL-Applications
  • Export and Import of data for external translation
  • Internal Dictionary and AutoTranslate for fast reuse of known translations

Helicon Translator uses Delphi’s native localization technology and generates localization libraries for all languages. Helicon Translator supports the translation of forms, resource strings, version resources, custom resources and so on. The localized resources are stored in an external resource library, thus languages can be added without recompilation of the project. It keeps track of the translations, hence it is not necessary to translate the whole project from scratch each time a modification has been made. The included commandline-version of the resource generator makes it easy to automize the build-process.

What's new in Helicon Translator 6

  • New: Support for Delphi 2005 (VCL.Win32)
  • New: Automatic protection of properties
  • New: Automatic To-Do list
  • New: Native dictionary format (Helicon Translator 6 does not need the BDE any more)
  • New: Test-Run feature: Execute the localizated application from within Helicon Translator
  • New: Automatic detection of implicitly used resources (linked *.res-files)
  • Higher performance
  • Improved AutoTranslation feature
  • Uses Unicode-Controls (no need for Code-Page-switching in Helicon Translator)
  • And much more

Major Features at a Glance

Support for Borland Delphi VCL

Helicon Translator supports the internationalization and localization of Applications written with Borland Delphi/VCL.Win32.

Helicon Translator uses Delphi's native multi-language support. This means that even resources used by 3rd-party components can be localized.

Translations are stored in a external resource library. The VCL automatically loads the correct language resources.

Support for all major Languages

Helicon Translator offers localization and translation into almost all languages.

All languages that got a language-code by windows are supported. A complete list of languages can be found here.


The support for Unicode-Widestrings (UTF-8 and UTF-16 WideChar) makes it possible to localize applications for regions that use multibyte-charactersets like most Asian countries. Internally, Helicon Translator stores all strings in Unicode and uses Unicode-Controls for input.

Translation History (Dictionary) and AutoTranslate

Helicon Translator stores all translations in the Translation History (Dictionary). Thus, translations can be easily reused.

Since Helicon Translator stores the location of translated form resources, translated resource files are automatically available if a resource is shared over multiple projects.

Export and Import of Resources for Localization

Helicon Translator allows the export and import of resources into text-files. This offers an easy way of outsourcing as assigned translation agencies are able to work without installation of Helicon Translator

Since properties can be marked as protected there is a way to avoid unwanted changes.


A complete list of features is available here


You can download Helicon Translator here