In most cases we use the Content Management System TYPO3 as base for websites.

In an evaluation of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, TYPO3
was compared with 284 different CMS. Only TYPO3 ("system is much more robust") and two other CMS were recommendet by the Ministry.

Advantages of Typo3

  • Directly edit the site on the server from any workstation that has an Internet connection
  • On the topmenu in user-oriented interface - change, and delete or edit any of the pages are also possible without any programming knowledge
  • On the topmenu in the pages displayed in a tree structure similar to Windows Explorer
  • In the administration panel, depending on the user can be released only partial areas (eg Doe, only the English text editing)
  • Assign user permissions at the page level possible (eg private access area for customers or partners)
  • Page-level language extension with as many languages
  • Expansion available (called extensions)
  • no license fees, as under the open source General Public License (GPL)


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